Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gone Hiking

I decided to spend a portion of the Memorial Day holiday hiking through the gigantic Redwoods in Muir Woods National Monument.

I only came out with a handful of shots that I was remotely happy with, and even so, I'm not super proud of them.
I had a hard time with the exposures, and felt that most of my pictures came out either way overexposed, or way underexposed.  Most of these here have been manipulated pretty well in Photoshop.

Anyway, all that to say I really need to force myself to practice more, and get comfortable shooting in any lighting condition.

Hope you enjoy the trees.


  1. the first forrest scene is my favortite out of the series :) feels like we're there watchin with you, and the depth and lighting is beautiful :)
    good eye ;) yer like an artist or something :D

  2. oh, and no four leaf clovers :P next time :D

  3. Wow dude your pics are looking nice! good stuff.

  4. Hey, nice shootin' Tex!
    I really like the forest shots, mossy-rocks and clouds, as well as the graphic shape/abstracts you've added.
    Keep shootin... Are the lighting problems from camera settings being a challenge while you're out shooting, or just the difficult lighting in the deep woods with steaks of bright sunlight causing you all kinds of contrast?

  5. Thanks guys!
    'Appreciate the comments!

    I haven't been out shooting in a while, but hopefully I'll get out again soon.

    Dad, I think it's just being unsure of the best settings to use on the camera in the given situation--
    so many things to adjust and ways to manipulate it.

    I'll keep tryin though!